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Old Colony Council's MBU event provides over 1000 scouts with the opportunity to complete three merit badges during the month of March each year. Held on three Saturday mornings that month, scouts attend three merit badge classes (~ 1 hour each). A number of badges (such as Aviation) provide field trips during the "off week" to complete out-of-classroom requirements.

For first-year scouts, MBU offers a 2 hour flight-to-eagle program, which covers Tenderfoot rank requirements. This program helps these younger scouts focus on early rank requirements, while giving them the opportunity to take one merit badge class.

Typically attended by over 100 troops each year, MBU helps scouts gain access to merit badge instruction for badges that are not typically available through their troop's program or offered at summer camp.

To ease pre-event registration and post-event advancement tracking, the MBU all-volunteer staff uses online unit registration (DoubleKnot based), online course registration (PDF based), and online results reporting (PDF based). This system lets unit leaders register scouts for the event and receive their results without ever visiting the council office or even attending the event. (But, please do attend with your troop; it is a very good time!)

Step 1: Hold an MBU planning night in your unit

The MBU scout form lists the badges being offered and provides a scout FAQ, which introduces the event to scouts (and venturers). Print a copy for each youth, and use this form to gather their merit badge choices and other information.

Step 2: Use the online registration to sign-up your unit for MBU

This online registration system lets you register your unit for the event and pay online for the number of scouts attending. After registering, the system automatically sends you the PDF form that lets you sign up scouts for classes and lets you provide adult volunteers to support the event.

Step 3: Complete and return the scoutmaster form (PDF) for class sign-up

This form is sent to you after registering your unit for MBU. Using the form, you provide complete information about the scouts attending the event, indicate their choices for merit badge classes, and submit a list of qualified adult volunteers to serve as merit badge instructors or classroom support personnel. Old Colony Council's MBU is unique among merit badge course events in that it is completely operated through unit volunteers. This approach requires that each unit provide at least one adult volunteer to serve at the event for each five scouts attending the event.

Step 4: Support your youth's MBU efforts by:

  • Devoting some portion of each March unit meeting to scouts spending time working on MBU homework

  • Helping scouts find resources (troop library, online locations, or others) that they need to use for merit badge completion

  • Creating a supportive atmosphere with scouts-helping-scouts to work together and encourage each other to complete there merit badges

Step 5: Go through the MBU results with each scout after the event

When you receive the MBU results, immediately spend time with each scout going through their results and make sure that the results match their expectations. It is very difficult to track down counselors and class information if you wait for weeks or months after the event to do this important follow-up with your scouts.


Documents Counselor Online Training
interactive online training for all MBU counselors
(~25 minutes)

Documents Online Registration
DoubleKnot online form used to register/pay for unit to attend MBU; use the Register button on the form to get started

Registration is open from December 1-10, 2014.
(Registration is closed for 2015 MBU.)

Documents MBU Scout Form
PDF form to be printed and used in unit

Documents MBU Scoutmaster Form
PDF form used to submit scout course selections and adult volunteer selections

Class selections and volunteer selections may be submitted between December 1-13, 2014.

Documents Southeastern VoTech High School map (main level)

Documents Southeastern VoTech High School map (lower level)

Documents Southeastern VoTech High School MBU traffic flow



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